The new line comfort of our shoes

The shoes of the new line comfort are all produced in our company and are distinguished by the high quality of the raw materials used and the continuous innovation of ideas, which allow us to produce shoes designed to full comfort to your feet. The presence of high-performance materials and modern design, make each pair of shoes can be used on any occasion and in any climatic context. Each shoe is designed with attention to every detail, all to give away at every step comfort and lightness.

OTWorld 2014 is the leading meeting place for orthopaedic footwear technicians both nationally and internationally

In collaboration with the Central Association of Footwear Technology (Zentralverband Orthopädieschuhtechnik – ZVOS) and numerous international associations, the product group for Orthopaedic Footwear Technology has been successfully integrated into the concept of the show. The theme of 'Foot and Shoe' has been put together with the help and support of the Central Association of Podiatrists and Foot-care Professionals in Germany (Zentralverband der Podologen und Fußpfleger Deutschlands e.V. - ZFD). At the same time, the World Congress provides orthopaedic footwear technicians, podiatrists and foot-care professionals with the latest international findings in the more

Prosthetist and orthotist

Prosthetists and orthotists provide care for anyone requiring an artificial limb (prosthesis) or a device to support or control part of the body (orthosis). They also advise on rehabilitation. Orthotists provide a range of splints, braces and special footwear to aid movement, correct deformity and relieve discomfort. Prosthetists provide the best possible artificial replacement for patients who have lost or were born without a limb. A prosthetic limb should feel and look like a natural limb. A prosthetist's role You'd work with patients of all ages, usually in a large hospital. Patients' disability may be the result of an accident or amputation, perhaps more