The company’s mission can be summed up in a few meaningful words: “Creation and supply of orthopedic footwear and high quality custom orthotic for maximum customer satisfaction”.


The goal of Kasucci is to maintain the high level of its services and its operating capacity through a constant comparison with the evolution of markets and the needs of its customers.



Our task to ensure the proper development of the company's production processes and marketing strategies goes hand in hand with the speed and dynamism of reality that characterizes our area of expertise.

We believe this is our duty towards those who rely on a company based on transparency and methodological rigor considering them as essential and of absolute effectiveness.

Our business is also based on the enthusiasm, responsibility, passion, respect and trust among all employees. These are necessary conditions to ensure and create a strong and distinctive culture: "the culture of excellence”.



To achieve these results, we believe in values such as: resolution, competitiveness, winning spirit, innovation, respect for demand, cooperation with customers and suppliers, capacity for renewal, relationships of cooperation and customer care assistance.

All values ​​to which we do not intend to give up, knowing that only through this way we can get any result.


Kasucci srl acclaims itself as a national reference point in the field of orthopedic shoes, for research and definition of the best solutions focused to the autonomy and integration of individuals with disabilities. A team of highly qualified professionals, composed of orthopedic technicians and skilled workers, provides the necessary support for the identification and personalization of principals best aid to each specific need.

Kasucci srl knows that a complete and effective choice, also results from the full knowledge of all new products that the research makes available to its technician worldwide.

Kasucci analyzes and develops innovative products and solutions from the functional, confort and design point of view, based on the needs emerged by the technicians and health workers.

Kasucci srl is constantly involved in finding new solutions and updates on technology and true innovation. The selection of suppliers is based on the high quality of their products and the service provided.


The product range of Kasucci orthopedics includes:


• Custom orthopedic shoes

• Custom Orthotics

• Custom support  for lower limbs


At the end of 1800, an italian workman from Acquaviva delle Fonti in the province of Bari, Casucci Francesco, called Ciccio ("Ciccindrill u scarper"),  founded a footwear shop, where he produced custom shoes .

Casucci Francesco, as it was usual at the time, handed down the art of creation and his passion in  handcrafted production, to his  two sons Carlo and Felice.

In the '40s, the two brothers improved this art thanks to their initiative and they founded a laboratory where they drew and produced new models of hand-made shoes.

The results of the work, the careful choice of materials and the maniacal perfection in details, helped to spread, by word of mouth, the interest in the footwear produced by the two brothers Casucci.

Their fame soon crosses regional borders and spreads in the peninsula so that in Milan, in Piazza Cardusio, Mr. Saturno Clemente, the owner of a large and important shoe store, start selling shoes with the brand "Casucci".

During the post-war period, the workshop of the two brothers Casucci was chosen by the Italian Government for the supply of shoes for the Army, thus contributing to the growth of that business which, at that time, provided for the production of civil and military shoes: the time had come for the two brother, to open a new factory-workshop.

The business successfully continued by the grandson of "Ciccio", Franco Casucci, coming to today.

In the early 80s it was the last of the dynasty, Elio Alberto Riccardo Casucci, who had the intuition of the creation of a large, modern shoes factory in the industrial area, where the expertise and past experience, the attention to detail and the choice of materials, are at the service of production and realization of custom orthopedic shoes.

The company is now a recognized leader in the field of orthopedic footwear.

Today, Kasucci s.r.l contributes to give a new horizon for some diseases of the lower limbs, currently treated with modern equipment of high technological profile (foot scanner 3D, lathe, development and computerized cutting modeling) that combine the beauty of the shoe to the result of a product in step with fashion.